Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I took this picture on 2nd November 2005 - Yes 2005 when we viewed the land - tonight we finally completed the purchase - we have overcome the access problems and overcame the drainage problems, we got our planning so now we have almost 1.7 Acres ready to build two houses and we start work tomorrow with the land survey to check soil conditions for foundations - and so begins a whole new chapter!

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Seeing as today the country has been voting for a new President I should not let the day pass without comment!It is surprising how every French person we come across talks openly about politics and there concerns for the future whilst recognising the need to change and move forward.The 84% turn out demonstrates the passion the French have for their country.For our part in our french class this week we had to play the part of various party leaders, reading there econimic statements and voting for President - Sarkozy won!
On Friday we were invited to lunch with a couple who have lived here over 12 years. It was an idylic afternoon, they have a very pretty, restored farmhouse in 17 Acres, we sat in the garden and enjoyed a lovely lunch and three bottles of wine! We left at 5.30 - that's what I call lunch! Of course we felt very guilty not working on the house but hey ho!

On Saturday we were invited to 'after lunch tea' joining friends for coffee and gateau. Another couple,from the Alsace were there, amusingly they are call 'Alsaciennes' or as we call them, alsations. We conversed in French and it was nice to feel that we had advanced in our language skills to get by!

In the evening we had 2 couples around for dinner and as ever Karen created a lovely meal. I confess I had a slightly Saint Emilion head this the morning! But it did not stop us working almost all day in the garden at the end of which, I had the years first swim in the pool - the water was lovely - 22degrees already.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Its been a crazy week! We are trying to get the exterior rendering done however several factors are handicapping our progress! the fist is the sun & heat! It has been over 30 degrees since Sunday - not good drying conditions! This is me pressure washing the old facade before it receives its new coat!

The second delaying factor is house buyers - a high class problem but I had new client arrive yesterday and received an e mail today saying some others are arriving Thursday for just two days, needless to say they want to meet and view, so its a case of juggling time and prioritising!

Karen has been grappling with the forever and fast growing weeds in the garden, so for some relaxation she took to filling the garage doors in readiness for painting - when am i going to get that done!!

Sunday, April 15, 2007

The last few days have been like riding a roller coaster! We had been so looking forward after 18 months, to signing for the land Saturday afternoon. Then on Thursday we had a call to say there was a problem with the drainage agreement. So we saw the Notaire Friday, who clarified matters and we were all set for Saturday again. I had the cheques from the bank and we were ready to start work on site Monday. In anticipation we were going out with friends for supper Friday night to celebrate and taking our architect and his wife out Saturday night as a thank you.

Well, before we had even arrived home we had a call to say the sellers Notaire was not ready and wanted to delay the signing until Tuesday week at 18.00. It was not negotiable so as you can imagine we felt pretty fed up!

On top of this our village Boulangerie, which has a fantastic reputation let alone the best bread and cakes in the area has changed hands due to the proprietors eating all the croissants and getting ill!

most disappointing - to cap it all it has been raining over the last couple of days - we would appreciate having our weather back blighty! still we need it I guess;

Today though has been a lovely day so we decided to comfort ourselves by going to the wine, cheese and bread festival in Menerbes, a very pretty village near us, surrounded by vineyards.

This is the view from the village across the valley with Mont Ventoux in the distance.

For 5€ you receive 2 wine glasses to keep and then go from stall to stall tasting wine and cheese, the rice thing abote it is that u can drinc as much as you vant!!

And to finish the day, the pool is almost clean, not bad 19 degrees already and the decking is finished. Tomorrow the re rendering starts - Joy!

Monday, April 09, 2007

Spring is here!

The Poolside deck is almost finished - watch this space!

We have just returned from a great week Skiing in Morzine,(French Alps) staying with Ian, Sheena & Adam and Neil, Karen & Stewart. We shared a 'catered' Chalet with full breakfast, tea and a 4 course dinner every night so the diet starts tonight! Still you only live once!

It was my fourth Skiing holiday and with the expert tuition and encouragement of Ian & Co I acheived my first black run with out falling! Richard also Skied well accomplishing several reds whilst Karen walked the piste!

This is me after my first black run - behind