Saturday, March 22, 2008

We finally have the roof on, well the insulation and cover plates - the tiles will be added later but at least we are protected from the elements. We have had a fantastic February weather wise but March has been quite unsettled, rain and snow is forecast so its good to know we are protected.The room to the left is the Study.

It is now just 14 weeks until we will move into one of the Gites. The first coat of'chappe Liquid' was poured in the Gites Monday. Next comes the under floor heating pipes then the second coat.
This is Thijs in a very respectful position discussing the upstairs layout with Karen.

When you enter our hall the upstairs landing will be open,as will the roof space give a feeling of both height and openness.

The sky might be grey but it is always dramatic! the dark clouds hang over the Luberon whilst the sun shining through causes this rainbow - this rain I can live with especially as this morning it has cleared and we return to clear blue skies albeit with a cool wind! Happy Easter.

Last weekend we returned to the UK, well Wales actually, for my sisters wedding to Neil. I took my Dads role and had the honour to 'give her away' (well you never get much for sisters do you!). I was very proud and Gillian looked stunning. Despite the rain it was a lovely day which we wouldn't have missed for the world. Dinner for about 65 was followed by a disco which we really enjoyed - its the first opportunity we have had since moving here to really dress up and also dance!

Gillian with her husband Neil, Karen, I & Richard and Gillians 3 sons Mark, Adam & Micheal.

Me and my big sister !

Sunday was spent with Gillian, Neil & there families which was very nice , Monday we dropped them off at Heathrow and then headed for Kingston for a little retail therapy before heading to Essex to spend the night at Karens Mums who came back here with us for Easter.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Karen and I have spent most of this week house hunting with clients taking in 19 houses in two and a half days - hopefully interest in 3 of the ones we saw may come to fruition. Here are a few of what we saw to give you a taste of some of the houses here.

Meanwhile we continue to advance with the roof now added except to the study.

This is the kitchen to one of the gites, the chappe liquid forming part of the underfloor heating is to be poured Monday.

And the view from our terrace which I now you have seen before but I never tire of it in such beautiful light.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

The vaulted beamed roof is advancing , the plumber and electrician are both doing the first fixing in the Gites where we now also have windows and doors.

The bay window is getting its rust colour added before the glass is installed.

We also have a new entrance which we arranged with our French neighbour. I would love to say the Irish ladies face when she next visits as we drive straight past her and into ours! and she unknowingly paid for most of it!

These are the windows we are currently painting. They are 'hardwood' delivered primed. We are rubbing them down before applying two coats of undercoat. Once installed we will then give two top coats to ensure long life! Then we have to do all the shutters for both houses! help anyone?

The week began with Spring, the Walnut tree blossom is out, its warm and sunny. By Tuesday one of the strongest 'Mistrals' blew in dropping the temperature by abt 20 degrees! Thank fully by the end of the week its warmer and calmer again although some much needed rain is forecast for this week.

Monday, March 03, 2008

Whilst I was away Karen continued to keep the build on track and prepare the electrical plans for the Electrician who started today.

Eric cut (rather severely) our Olive trees, a necessary evil! they have been neglected for years so our Olive crop will be curtailed this year but be better next - we hope!
Unfortunately as went to burn all the branches we learnt there is a ban on fires until mid April due to the dry weather and risk of Mistral winds which could cause a fire to spread quickly.

The second house now has its roof ( outer cover anyway) and is progressing well.

The weather this weekend was crazy - we measured 23 degrees in the shade and 34 in the sun on our terrace. Karen seems rather pleased with a little treasure she has found!

Before winter passes the opportunity arose for a brief skiing trip with Ian C, before he starts his new Job Monday. This is me ( looking a little nervous) before Ian sent me down this red!

I am on the left (I think!) going down!

My tutor Mr Camplin who patiently guided me around the slopes.

The weather was great, pistes in pretty good shape and food and wine to compliment.

This is Ian's wife Sheena, appearing to be trapped in his new passion wagon. - new job - new car!