Sunday, October 22, 2006

The last week has been hectic to say the least! Last weekend with Richard & Joan here we went to Cassis for Sunday Lunch. The Port was still busy, the water glistening in warm Autumn sunshine.There is something quite captivating about the Coast and I love the fact that we are within 2 hours drive and yet the same distance of being able to Ski.

I have been suffering with my right arm, not being used to manual labour, the Doctor described it as Tennis Elbow, and it has worsened over the last week so I went back to the Doctor on Monday who referred me to a specialist for treatment. The referral was done by phone and my appointment was made for Friday morning, the earliest I could make it!
This is the view from Bonneiux, where our Doctors surgery is - enough to make you feel better!

I spent all day Wednesday House hunting for clients, it was very satisfying conversing in my 'entertaining French'. The language is actually the least of my worries, the hardest part is persuading agents to work with me (sharing their commission)as all they worry about is that I might view one of their houses through another agent as virtually all properties are multi listed.
Ripe for modernisation..............!

Our friends Ian & Priscilia left on Friday to start a new life in Australia. We spent much of Thursday moving their belongings to our house as we had bought most of their furniture in readiness for our future houses, hopefully not tempting fate. In fact quite the contrary, we have re submitted our planning with a thumbs up from the Maire although the formal decision will not be forthcoming until around christmas and we have secured the signatures of the 4 people involved in gaining the required mains drainage so it has been quite a successful week apart from my cortosone injection on Friday morning!

Oh well lets see what this one brings - lots planned.......

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