Sunday, November 05, 2006

Its the 5th November - No fireworks here. Just a warm sunny day! Martin, known to many of you spent the last week here, we put him to work in the garden to earn his rent - and he did a sterling job as ever. On Friday we took a tour through the local villages Bonnieux, Lacoste & Goult.

This was for some stress releif after a visit to the bank who charged me 11 pounds for not paying my Tax Foncières Bill, ( like council tax)having rejected my Standing order instruction - Why? then being told that I have to pay 10 per cent extra on my annual bill to the the council for late payment! Letters will be issued after my French lesson tomorrow.

In between finding houses for clients, seeing Estate agents, sorting out this house & garden and preparing for the two new ones we have come up with two further initiatives to keep us occupied! translating Estate agents details - they fax them thru - we return them in English - how simple is that? and a local restaurant has agreed to display my photographs which I propose to also offer to the local 'tourist outlet' shop.

Well the week ahead sees the arrival of the European workforce, Eric our Portugaise gardener continues felling trees, Johann the Austrian builder starts felling the old bathroom and Thjis the Dutch builder will be felling our bedroom window and replacing it with French doors. The worst of it is the being European they start work at 8am!

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