Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Fabulous spring weather

Its funny how the off season months are amongst our favourites in Provence, the glorious spring sun shine, the days become longer , the roads are still quiet as are the villages in advance of the (most welcome) arriving tourists.
First comes the Almond blossom and fast on its tail the cherry blossom although these trees are very early.

We are working hard re land scaping by the pool side area and all will be revealed in the next week to ten days, meanwhile Karen has been preparing the bank where we shall replant the Lavander 

Thijs, who built our house and pool is back to carry out some seasonal repairs ( I think thats what we call them), the snow and frost lifted the tiles on the infinity edge of the pool. Between us we came up with a better idea that hopefully will stand the test of winters ahead.

A very strong glue and then hand applied liquid cement with colouring should do the trick.

Looking good, now it just has to set before we can refill the pool and open up ready for the first swim, current temperature  is 12 degrees which is up from 9 last week.

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