Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Many of the people who live here exodus during winter either to warmer climes or there original home land. We had been warned not only how quiet it would be but also how cold. Well yes it was cold , notably in December when temparatures dropped to abt minus 15 at night but the days are mainly clear, bright and Sunny. Friday 27th January was a day to remember though. The weather forecasts here are very accurate and Snow was forecast. Indeed the day before we collected a friend from the airport and the motorway signs were warning of disruption.When we woke Friday morning it began to Snow, and it snowed like we have not seen in years if ever. By 3pm it was 26Centemetres (10 inches in old money) thick!! Nobody attempted to go to work, it was a day when you walked and went to the bar to be socialable.

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