Sunday, December 03, 2006

The house is gradually coming together although it is very frustrating having spent much of last weekend cleaning to see another thick layer of dust over everything, even our clothes in the wardrobe have not escaped. The kitchen is finished ( except for kick boards which follow the floor tiling).

I took advantage of yet another warm Autumn day to give the new shutters a top coat to check the colour - only 6 more sets to go!

The main bathroom is complete,

now work begins on the shower room with the rest of the villa to have all the floors re tiled before the 22nd December!

We went out on Friday with LCI a building company we are considering using to build the new houses ( if we ever get that far!), we met a French couple who are just having a house built. They invited us round to their house this afternoon where we met a Belguim couple. It was really nice to be immersed with a real French family, we played Boules ( and lost), have quite alot in common and suddenly another set of friends are made - I can see one or two evenings coming on !

We have an early start tomorrow as I have a meeting in Marseille with Home Hunts so we set off at 7.30 am, very early for us!

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