Friday, December 08, 2006

On my daily walk to the Boulangerie ( well I confess sometimes I drive - usually on route somewhere)I was amused by the number of Baguettes people buy, wherever you go people always have a baguette under their arm!

It is so French, and then I started thinking of other important 'French ' things, hence the pictures.

Our builders have managed to stretch another week, even working Saturday, thank goodness there is the deadline of Christmas and there are only 128 working hours I could have to pay them for! having said that they are doing agreat job.

Good news from one of the builders, they have generously reduced their profit margin and come up with a price in line with our expectations to build one of the houses - now we are getting somewhere. I paid 5800€, as deposit on having the water connected, representing half, to the land this week so now all we are awaiting is the Yes from the Maire.We should hear in the next few weeks.

We are decorating our bedroom over the weekend, then the floor will be retiled Monday & Tuesday, we then have to move our furniture back in, tidy up and leave for Blighty Thursday morning, leaving Johan working here ( and cat sitting) whilst we are away.

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