Thursday, January 11, 2007

A number of people have asked of our new family member Ginger the cat! So I thought I would introduce you to our family!

'My name is Matisse. I was named after a famous French artist so its only right I live in France.I am 8 years old. I am the eldest of my litter and am the boss of the house. When not sleeping with my Mum (Karen), I spend my time checking that every thing in the house is done properly, especially with any workman that are here.I also enjoy walking around our garden and keeping an eye on my brother Splodge and the new member Ginger who is a bit of a french tart!'

'I am Splodge. When I was a kitten I was dropped on my head.I often forget things for example I walk across the garden and when I get there wonder why I came! I love climbing trees but most of all I love chasing the new cat that has arrived called Ginger. She thinks she is smart but I catch her all the time. She speaks a funny language too.'

'Bonjour, Mon nom est Ginger. Je suis Française et mes parents maintenant habiter en Australie. Je habite à St Saturnin Les Apt maintenant avec le grand chat noir et blanc,il est anglais, il est un despote!. J'adore Matisse'

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