Thursday, January 11, 2007

We have managed to get back into routine this week with our French class Tuesday morning and one to one lessons also resuming.After 3 weeks with English people French suddenly seems so hard again!
Yesterday we walked 9 Kilometres to Villars a neighbouring village, the walk takes in great views, vineyards and Cherry Orchards.Lovely!

We are also on the Home Hunts trail, viewing houses and meeting with agents plus of course translating and correcting some of the agents details before they appear on line. Here are one or two examples : 'OBSERVATIONS: A house, where one smells well. Ideal second home.'
To 2 km of the village, not insulated
'raised swimming pool 10 X 5 and cook of summer' ?
OBSERVATIONS: A sympathetic, ideal house - great family.

Today was the day we were supposed to get our planning consent by, the 11th Jan, We almost frightened the postman to death in our enthusisam to get our post but sadly nothing came, we are told tomorrow! guess we should have known better - watch this space.

Took this picture at sun rise this morning, the mist, caused by the heat, engulfed us until about 10am when it cleared to give yet another Sunny day. 20 degress is forecast for the weekend, its crazy! Strawberries are out as are Poppies!

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