Monday, July 17, 2006

It is also beneficial to put our properties into a company called a SARL. We meet the Notaire who is happy to set this up for 2000€ ! We need a new bank account. I already have one with Credit Agricole so we call in to the local branch. We explain we wish to open an account. ‘you will need a rendezvous with our new business manager’ – so we arrange it – does he speak a little English we enquire – No.

We explain to him in French that we are setting up a local enterprise, a new business and wish to invest our money, pay in and take out money and start a relationship that we hope will last many years. In France there is no free banking you pay to have an account, to take money out and pay it in as well as a monthly fee!

It is not possible he firmly states. Why not we ask ? It is not possible! I must have a bankers draft from your bank ! But we bank with Credit Agricole - It is not possible ! Ok I will do a straight transfer from one branch to another ? It is not possible he repeats with a slimy grin. I phone my branch of his bank – we can do a transfer today the helpful lady offers – It is not possible he repeated like a canary!

So we arrange for two bankers drafts to be sent, for which we have to pay 40€ !! We return to cheery chops who takes an hour to fill all the boxes on his computer! We then have to wait for the company to be registered before the account is actually opened. Upon receiving the company number we return to hand in the documents – oh no you need a rendezvous !! so we return again to sit thru another hour of torture and we are still not quite there with yet another rendezvous next week! No wonder people get frustrated!

To compensate for this frustration we are currently in the season of Festivals, covering everything from Art to Wine, modern dance to classical music, cheese, Lavender and just about every fruit you can imagine with Apricot trees now fully laden.

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