Monday, July 24, 2006

We spent Sunday moving more boxes to the Villa. The chap who has rented our house arrived with his clothes, food etc. He was going to arrive Wednesday but things don't always go as planned so we made him welcome. The garden at the villa is a little short of half an acre, it is planted with 6 large Olive trees and a large Cherry, plus Lavender and 3 Spruce Pines ( not their proper title I expect). There is much work and I don't think the vendors have touched it for a couple of years. But it will be wonderful.

Today, Monday Karen spent much of the day cutting the rogue ground covering conifers bushes to reveal the pathways whilst I dismantled the 60's kitchen cupboards that the sellers had so kindly left in the garage! Why do people do this - yes they are built solidly but so un attractive. Anyway I felt much better after a trip to the dump! It was 37 degrees again today but the pool is fab to cool off The space at the villa is so welcome and we are looking forward to being reunited with our furniture Wednesday.

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