Saturday, July 22, 2006

Yesterday we signed for the Villa, like completion in the UK system. We met with the sellers ( who are Divorced), the agent ( there to collect his money) and the notaire. All was fine. Its an odd system because at this stage you cannot withdraw so why they wait to then to tell you there was an earthquake here in 1982 I don't know, oh well, tomorrow's another day.....

We allowed the sellers to stay a final night and we took possession at Mid day. We then transported various items through the afternoon from our village house to the villa. This included my wine cellar! It was so hot today, about 37 degrees. About 6pm we went for a swim in OUR pool , opened a bottle of bubbly, and sat taking in the view and garden. There is lots of work to do here but it will be fun and keep us busy. The Villa is bigger than we remember and the Chalet in the garden plus the workshop will be invaluable space. I think we got a good house at the right price - it is difficult to judge but it feels right.

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