Saturday, September 23, 2006

I think there must be something in the Provincal water that speeds up time! Where has this week gone? Monday started with my French lesson afterwhich I met with my first clients, a Scotish couple who have been renting here for 4 months and now wish to buy. They have retained my services to find them a house. In the afternoon I meet with the local agent to commence the search.

Tuesday Back to school from 9 am to mid day.Fellow students include a South African couple in the mid 70's, a Finish gentleman, Robert who is a Brit and has been going to the class for a couple of years, Francesca who we know and came from Guildford, and a German couple so it makes good entertainment! I usually spend the first half hour wondering what the heck I alm doing there and whether I will ever understand the Grammar!

In the afternoon we arranged with Christine, the lady who runs the Boulangerie to talk French in exchange for which we would teach her English. All went well especially the tour of the premises and the cakes served! not good for the waistline.

Wednesday I have been suffering with a bad arm/elbow so conceded in going to the Doctor.I have Tennis Elbow - just what I could do with out with so much work to do and we are about to assemble our new kitchen.The French take more drugs than any other European country and when you seen the length of my prescription you can see why! We also have to take the 'Ginger' cat to the vet as she has been pulling her fir out. I warned her that if it were more than 40€ she would have to go! ( just joking Karen). As you can see by the photo she has been accepted in to the pack!

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