Friday, September 01, 2006

Monday always starts with our French lesson at 10am. We meet with Marlyse, and have been now for about 9 months, twice a week for an hour.We chat about what we have been up to and read , 'Martine' for 8 year olds! Sometimes I wonder just how much our French will advance - it is so difficult, having said that there is no doubt we have come along way since last year.

The week has been taken up with gardening, something that we both really enjoy. It is so nice having worked in an office enviroment, dressed in a suit for 25 years to get out in the fresh air and do some manual work.

We have a new addition to the family - Ginger,

on trial to see if she settles as her 'parents' are emigrating.She went out last night for the first time and promptly went missing. I got up about 4am and called her and could hear a faint cry. I traced this to one of the large trees ! there she was about 10 metres up! well other than get Karen to come and see what could we do but leave her - she got up - and will come back down! ( and has).

Work has begun on the roof with our team of builders looking kike the league of Nations - Johann is Austrian

( roof, bathrooms and floor tiling), Thijs is Dutch ( driveway, french dors ) and Simon is English ( plastering, rendering and pool terrace).We will bring one or two French in to keep the balance right. So the budget is set, negotiations have taken place - let work commence.

Thankfully after a rather unsettled August, or should I say windy one, summer has returned with temperatures back in the 30's so the pool will be getting plenty of use.

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