Wednesday, September 27, 2006

We are living in a complete mess but progress is being made! The Lounge wall is partially re plastered and hopefully the chimney breast is going to be finished by Thursday.

We have totallly removed the kitchen so washing up is in the bathroom and drinking water from the tap in the driveway!

I have been to the déchetterie (dump)so many times this week I feel I am on first name terms with the crew!(still saves paying for a skip)and inevitably numerous trips to the builders merchants (I have more accounts and store cards than you can shake a baguette at!).

Our Electrician, Patrick who has a great, handle bar moustache, arrived expecting to put in two wall lights to be confronted with a kitchen with a solitary power point with cables tacked in creating the other four. I soon found that the bare wires coming out the wall, which had been connected to the extractor, were still live - try touching one with a chisel and you will find out what happens! having dampened down my now spikey hair.......... I am not sure whether Patrick was muttering merde or Mort ( death!) but all will be ready for the new kitchen tomorrow.


In between all this it was a stuuning day, 27 degrees, I took the pool cover off, cleaned the pool, dived in - wow it was 'fresh'!

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