Sunday, September 03, 2006

Perfect Day in the words of Lou Reed!

Sundays are always special, none more so than today. We a woke to a blue sky whilst mist hung over Apt and the Luberon.

After breakfast , Karen sharpened up her Boule skills under the scrutiny of the boys

before we took a stroll to the village. As always on a Sunday morning it was busy with people buying bread and pastries in the boulangerie, meat in the Charcuterie and the cafes buzzing with people reading the ' Provence' whilst drinking a Pastis or Coffee.

We walked through the village reminding ourselves of the lifestyle that attracted us to this village and some of the lovely houses and buildings.

By the time we walked home it was time for lunch, the mist had now been burnt off by the hot Autumn sunshine. We spent the afternoon working in the garden in between dipping in the pool. I never thought I would own a house with a pool. It feels very indulgent. At 7pm we sat on the terrace taking in the view over a glass of wine after which my wife served me a fine dinner of Duck followed by the customary cheese course - now that's what I call a perfect day.

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