Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Over the last fortnight the weather has been hot allowing al fresco dining. The forecasts here are usually very accurate and low pressure is bringing in high winds, torrential rain, thunder and lightening over the next 3 days. We receieved a call from some friends we have made, who own a large Vineyard nearby asking for assistance to pick grapes before the rain.

Traditionally, Syrah grapes, are left on the vines to ripen in the sun, but must not go soggy so they must be picked before prolonged rain fall.

We joined the other volunteers and picked under the treatening cloud laden sky.

With in an hour or so the heavens opened and we were all drenched causing a retreat to the Domaine for Tea, yes hot Tea!

There we sat and chatted with the other pickers, me in my under pants, Karen with a borrowed towel! it was quite a picture, we were all seriously wet with no other clothes to wear to drive home! Thank goodness there were no roadside checks! Anyway we shall be returning next week to pick again, a different more rain resistant grape! for now the Syrah ones are in a large Vat.

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