Tuesday, June 17, 2008

We have just returned from a lovely week in Turkey,great weather, food and people. Helped all the more by going with Sue & Tim who new all the best places having been 5 times before ( like most people it seems!)

I will endeavor to add some pics over the next few days!

Meanwhile we return to find Thijs has been busy with his digger starting to build the terraces and dig foundations for the retaining walls making our access all the more easy ( not!) bearing in mind we move in next Thursday with no water as our Solar panels are stuck on a boat near Spain!no sanitary ware as the tiling was not finished until today and no render or shutters at least the windows are in!

It will be interesting to see how the cats settle!

Whilst doing all the preparation for next week we have to get our current villa fully sorted for our first guests arriving next Saturday - lets hope the weather settles by then!

Today Karen and I assembled the kitchen which is being fitted tomorrow - watch this space..............

Sunday, June 01, 2008

The normal bright luminous blue skies have been replaced by dramatic dark threatening ones!

The weather has continued to play havoc over the last week with continued thunderstorms and heavy rain. It is one of the most prolonged wet periods since 1992 causing damage to the areas agriculture notably to the vines where one of our friends has lost 30% and also to the cherries, both damaged by the high winds. Our Olive trees are about to blossom and it is critical that they are not damaged at this time.

In the meantime our plot is saturated and this is the back of the house - we will be living here in just under 4 weeks!

More rain heads our way!

At least our 100 year old roof tiles are being cleaned bringing out there colour & character.

Two of the three pallets of plaster sit in the rain! thank fully they are protected and the plasterer finally starts on Monday, he expects to be there for 5 weeks!

The roof to the upper terrace has at last been added to the second house (to protect from the rain ha ha )whilst our friends have parked there camper for a month or two - we may yet end up using it!

These are our cherries in the garden, sadly a combination of the wind and rain many have been ruined.