Saturday, October 25, 2008

Unfortunately when it rains in Provence it really rains, Wednesday was no exception , and with the builders all working inside the house together with the plumbers there was no room for us so we took off for lunch and an afternoon wine tasting with the New Zealanders who have been staying in Les cypres for the last 6 weeks. We returned to find Thijs had installed our Wood burner, he was particularly pleased to have beaten the plumber in giving us some heat!

The problem after the rain is the mud, which goes every where, beleive me it is no fun living on site in the rain!

We have just learnt that the company doing our pool have gone under or should I say sunk!! Thank fully Greg here has taken over and seems to be doing a good job.

Ali is closing in the chimney which will be plastered Monday ready for us to paint - I thought we had finished the Lounge!

Our Terracuit floors have been laid in the Hall and study.Toilet should be finished Monday.

Thank goodness the sun is back out today, 22 degrees although going to be 8 by wednesday and as yet we still do not have any proper heating in the house. We are planning to move in Wenesday /Thursday of next week.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A huge amount has been going on over the last 10 days. Our house is fast becoming a home! the floor is finished in the lounge and dining room, both upstairs bathrooms are almost finished, our dressing room rather prematurely has clothes hanging in it and the front door now closes seamlessly! Even the wine cellar is being stocked!
But it has not been with out its problems, our long standing Austrian worker Johann knocked open a water valve causing the bath taps to pour water into the bath which over flowed causing a nice water feature in the lounge ceiling!

The pool at Le Chene day 2!

The company building our pool in Le Chene appear to have gone bust after starting , so we are now trying to sort out who this chap is that has turned up and is building the pool, not with out demanding money though!

The Electrician assures me he has almost completed wiring Le Chene!

And the plasterer starts work tomorrow!

The pool has been assembled and concrete is then poured around it, we are then going to raise the ground level in line with the pool height.

My Cave - still with plenty of space for more!

Our fireplace is being installed in our lounge which we hope will be finished by Friday as we are planning to move in next week, as yet we also have no heating, again all due by Friday!

And finally I had two clients out viewing houses around Menerbes and Bonnieux so took time out to capture the Autumn colours.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

We had a few words with our builder and have given a deadline to move in the the house by the end of October, just 4 months behind schedule.It seems to have had a very positive effect with lots of progress this week so far.

This is my cellar, the perimiter will take the wine racks whilst pebbles in the centre allow the floor to breath.

At Le Chene the swimming pool is being constructed.In a matter of hours it is taking shape.

Our Dining room floor is at last being tiled.

And progresses remarkably rapidly

The shutters are being added, the plasterer starts tomorrow, the Electrician is almost finished.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Sunday - A nightmare for any Frenchman!- at 11-20 our boulangerie had run out of bread unheard of! so we headed to the market in Coustellet where word had clearly spread! Spot me in the queue - no that is not me in red with the bag!

Another lovely day, the tips of the cherry trees are turning red as are the vines.

Le Chene will change hugely in the coming weeks and months. The Electrician and Plumber has just about finished, the plasterer starts Monday week as do the company installing the swimming pool, that just leaves the rendering (enduit) and Karen and I to do the decorating during January & February, the garden will be landcaped in Spring ready for guests in May!

Friday, October 03, 2008

Have not had the chance to update lately - simply too much going on! The second house, now called Le Chene, is going well. Here the terraces are shuttered before the concrete is poured.

The hole forms part of the sceptic tank drainage system. Note the chateau in the top left.

Most of the activity in our house has been concentrated on the interior with our bathroom tiled and ready to receive its sanitory ware ( which is not yet in stock!)

Last weekend we took the weekend out to celebrate our 3rd anniversary of landing in France and were joined by Ian & Sheena and Neil & Karen. We managed to squeeze in a few sites (and glasses of wine too) . Sheena took this of us at Gordes- don't give up your full time job Sheena!

We currently have New Zealanders staying in Les Cypres for 6 weeks, they are a really nice and very hospitable bunch so we had a bbq and christened the terrace - our first do before we even live in the house - not sure the neighbour was too impressed!

The terraces are poured on both Le Chene and our own house - changes are happening!

The weather is still lovely in the day about 22 degrees but cooler at night down to 5 tonight and still no sign of our Heat pump so no heating!

The last few days I have been consumed by paperwork having to produce for our accountant every receipt for every detail on the construction of both house! oh joy! I am actually looking forward to going back to my sander next week!