Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Fontaine du Vaucluse

The source of the river sorgue is beneath a 230 metre high cliff face, it is the biggest spring in France and the fifth largest in the world with an annual flow of 630 million Cubic metres.

 Strangely where the water exits at the source, it appears calm and yet it soon gathers pace and power.

Beautifully clear water cascades towards the village.

After recent rain fall the water is flowing at 28M3 per second, thats enough to fill our swimming pool in under four seconds - just imagine that!

Whether summer or winter its a village worth visiting despite the 4 euro parking charge and some rather tacky shops on the route to the source.

Thursday, November 06, 2014

Olive Harvest - no rich pickings this year!

I always remember the fist year we picked Olives at Les Cypres, we turned up at the mill with one large bucket weighing 9kilos. Believe me we were at the back of the queue at the weigh in.

A perfect Autumn day for picking. 

Over the years our crops have increased , 49, 74 and then a mammoth 250 kilos - at which time we were warmly welcomed at the mill and considered one of the locals!

The happy team, Deb in green, Karen in beige and Gene in blue.
(note Kevin & Marion - good year not to come, collection bags still in use)
Since then the crop has varied, another year with 250, back to 110 and then last year around 230.

This years rather mottly pickings

This year we no longer have Les Cypres so have lost half our crop. Worse still a mild and damp winter, an excessively hot June then less warm July & August has played havoc with the crop, half the olives have fallen to the ground already, they are over ripe and a worm inside! lovely, so the upside , a couple of hours picking with our house guardians Deb & Gene , and a mere 11 kilos to the mill which will give us 2 litres of oil! Normally we have between 20 and 45 litres so the salads will be a little dryer next year! 
Take note - this is not just happening here in the Luberon, its much of Southern France, Spain is also suffering a terrible crop caused by draught so Olive oil prices will rise - buy now - buy quality - but use it within a year.

At the weigh in! disappointing 

Autumn colours are compensation!

Sunday, November 02, 2014

Where did that month go?

Well thats the fastest October I can remember! Our season finished a week earlier than normal so we took advantage of the continued warm Autumn weather heading off to Nice for a long weekend which was wonderful, no end of season in sight there! it was humming with tourists from all over the world!

 Promenade des Anglais in Nice 

There are so many fabulous buildings

The fountains in the parc are great fun - night and day!

The port is home to many super yachts and fine restaurants.

In Saint Paul de vence 

Saint Paul de Vence on a wetter day! still colourful!