Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Olive Picking 2009
Our fourth harvest has brought a record crop!.
For the fourth year running, and towards the end of November we pick the Olives from our trees in the garden of Les Cypres and our own house Le Verger.

Geoff getting in the swing of things............

These trees date to the turn of the last century, a severe frost in the mid 1950s led to many of the trees being cut down. But you cannot kill an Olive tree, what was left grew back to these fine trees which we have cared for and nurtured to create highly productive trees.

Wendy , on her 50th birthday too, that's dedication!

My sister Gillian, looking relaxed at the start of picking.........

Neil, note the sun glasses, (in November)

Karen, in between preparing the pickers lunches finds time to pick....

And so the reward for two days of hard work, a hearty breakfast, a good lunch and fine supper.The warm Autumn sunshine means breakfast and lunch out doors.

Clearly not taking the job seriously!

It can be dangerous! a French hard hat is obligitory!

And this is what we picked, two days, 6 people and 90% from Les Cypres. Next year the trees at Le Verger will start producing more Olives so if you fancy an Autumn break with a difference......

And so its off to the Oil Mill in the village where the Olives will be pressed to produce superb Olive Oil.

And finally the result. 245 Kilos. In 2006 we had 19 Kilos, 43 in 2007 and 66 in 2008.To say we were elated is an understatement. We can actually sell the oil back to the mill. Its beats selling houses!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Provencal sun continues to shine, perfect conditions for our recently sewn grass seed. Autumn in Provence is special for lots of reasons with cold nights, clear skies but warm bright sun lit days.

Karen is still nurturing the petunias!

Sunday, November 01, 2009

It is 1st November, the sun is still shining in Provence! Sunday morning and we took advantage of the warm Autumn weather to walk from our house into the hills behind where there are great views over the village and superb scenary , on our doorstep.