Friday, November 25, 2011

Wonderful Autumn Weather

Like may parts of Europe we are enjoying wonderful Autumn sunshine.

The mornings are cold, dry and crisp with a superb sunrise.

Bright Autumn  sunshine -warms the cockles of your heart!

The luminosity in the sky  is incredible.
Whilst the  consrasting sunrises are equally magnificent.

It is certainly confusing the plants which are still flowering.

 Provence really is very special in the Autumn, it is so quiet & peaceful, and it is one of our favourite times of year to be here.
It is also an  opportune time to work in the garden where we have been carrying out much work in the last few weeks on Sanglier defences which we hope will be completed soon!.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Olive Picking, it's that time again!

Once a year, like Christmas, olive picking comes around.
We have been enjoying a fabulous warm Autumn, and our trusty loyal Olive pickers are arriving tomorrow.
However, earlier in the week rain was forecast, so we called in the back up team and brought forward picking to today.

The ladies did a stirling job. 
We have picked 245 kilos of Olives for the last two years producing almost 50 litres of oil for our use.
Sadly this year, a hot Spring & cold nights in July has led to a poor crop. In addition time to time, the trees simply take a rest and reserve their energy for the following year.
We have a range of accessories to collect our Olives in, this bag , was donated by Roy, from his days as a newspaper boy.
We also have a bag from New Zealand designed for collecting Kiwi's, a peg bag we bought in Australia, and  special engineer designed buckets from South Wales! quite a collection.

One of our olive pickers taking a break!!!!

And this is part of the crop, not the best we have picked sadly!

The reward for our loyal pickers, lunch in the sun on the terrace!

And the result, 198 kilos less than the last two years! That is nature! 
Volunteers for 2012 contact us now!! third weekend in November .

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Weather in October

It is commonly known locally that each village has it's own micro climate.
In Saint Saturnin Les Apt the warm weather continued through most of October with just 4 days of rain fall recorded totaling 33mm.
So we are set for some glorious Autumn colours!

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Time with friends

Last year in November we met our friend's Roy & Andrea in Berlin.
This year, it was their turn to come to us.
And as the tourist season is quietening it was an opportunity to get out and about without the hustle & bustle normally found in some of our villages and larger towns.
A good place to start is at the Moulin in our own village.

From here there is a great photo opportunity looking back over the village.

Next stop, Gordes, at the viewing point Roy & Andrea.
It is always packed in high season.  In fact, reputedly this year 3 million people visited the tourist office!

From here we head to one of our favourite places, Avignon.
The ladies are ready to shop!

No time for shopping! As ever we arrive at just after midday, time to eat and we enjoy a splendid lunch in L'Opera restaurant.

After which, time to walk around a small part of this lovely historic town.

One of the many Museums, Musee du Petit Palais.

The famous bridge 'Pont St Benezet', originally built in the 12th Century and rebuilt in the 17th Century.

'our lady almighty' , a gift from Pope John XXII in the 14th Century.

The Palais des Papes, formerly home to nine Popes, is set on foundations of rock.

The quiet back streets hide many wonderful buildings.

Before heading home time for a refreshment and some people watching in one of the many cafes.

Next day, in Roussillon, sheltering from a rather gusty wind!

We had a thoroughly enjoyable few days.