Sunday, August 29, 2010

Walking Holidays in Provence

Many of our guests choose to holiday in the Luberon to take advantage of the endless walking opportunities that are literally on our door step.
This map shows the walks that are marked, all starting in the village and of various lengths and to suit both casual and experienced walkers.

Not surprisingly the most popular time for walkers is Spring & Autumn avoiding the peak heat in July & August and taking advantage of the breath taking colours that each season produces.
We have a particular favourite, and with the August air cooled by a Mistral wind we set off this morning to Villars a small picturesque village about 5 kms away. 

The walk meanders through Cherry Orchards and Vineyards where there is a great view of the village of St Saturnin Les Apt

The grapes are almost ready for the Vendage, normally mid September.

The fruit trees are bearing juicy plums.

And there are some lovely houses to admire

More Plums! 

And very attractive houses

Approaching the village of Villars with the wash house at the entrance.

The quiet back streets of the village conceal two restaurants, a bar and boulangerie.
This cabanon provides a little refurbishment project!

Enless vines soon ready for picking
Another cabanon, still used for refuge by the farmer.
And finally home!

A beautiful Sunday and a beautiful walk!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Summer goes canicule pour le weekend!

The summer heat is relentless, after some welcome rain Friday morning 
temperatures are back to the mid 30's.

The pool is 30.3 centigrade

The skies are clear

 Time to book for next summer!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Why am I still going on about Lavender?

The lavender this year has been spectacular.

And this it's first year, it was planted in June 2009.

But all good things have to come to an end....

It's time to give it a hair cut , changing the sweeping blue flowers  into neat hedge hogs!

After after cutting it all you then begin the task of stripping the heads to get the grain.
(how my life has changed!)

 To achieve this! now you know how those scented sachets get their filling!

And it leaves the garden looking tidy!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

It's the holiday season!

August sees the peak of tourism in Provence with a large influx of Parisians, Belgians  and Dutch. Indeed English voices are conspicuous by their absence.
 In the warm light winds you will hear the Cicadas, the sound of laughter, conversations and cutlery clinking against plates as many alfresco meals are enjoyed.

The Tuesday morning market is popular and busy, with locals and tourists together enjoying the atmosphere.

Plenty of time to sit at a bar and enjoy a coffee or beer and watch life go by.

And indulge in one or two purchases.

Before coming back to relax by the pool!

Friday, August 06, 2010

A Poem form our gite guest

The view from Les cerisiers that inspired our guest  John Chamberlain to write this poem

Consciousness, rising through sleep, plateaus, becomes known

Darkness of closed eyes hears crickets polyphony

Chanting into the hot, l’après du midi air

Which gusts suddenly, but briefly, rustling the plane trees.

Brilliant azure light burns eyelids with memories of sunflowers

Hilltop monasteries, fields of vines, white clad Mount Ventoux

Magical clouds, merlot and cherries

Cheese, asparagus, garlic, and olives.

Mistral opens my eyes to a garden full of flowers

White, blue, pink and green among the grey-faun stones

Below, the pool, shimmering blue and black shadows

Beyond, orchard trees, a myriad of greens, dancing an ancient galliard.

Across the valley, the deep purple mass of the Luberon Hills

Arc skywards into my ever descending sleep.

My last thought, this wonderful symphony of the senses will be reprised

Awaking on the terrace of Les Cerisiers.

© John Chamberlain

29 July 2010