Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Our new recruits!

Many of our clients ask whether Karen does all the washing and ironing on changeover weekends.
Well the answer is yes, but this week we invited her Mum Joan to bring along a long standing family friend Fred for the week. It happened to coincide with a busy changeover weekend, then I thought of an incentive, food and wine  for every sheet ironed - well they look pretty happy in their work!

Market day in Saint Saturnin Les Apt, Luberon, Provence

Tuesday's is market day in the village , it is fun seeing how it changes from two or three stalls in deepest winter to the hub of activity in summer. 
Our faithful fish stall is there pretty much year round with a wonderful selection of fresh fish.

The stalls include fresh vegetables, fruit, table cloths, jewellery, pottery & clothing and of course the local bars are perfect to stop and enjoy some people watching with a coffee, croissant or even a beer or glass of Rose!

Saucisson , very popular and a wide choice of flavours including donkey and bull!

Olive trees are a huge feature of the landscape of Provence  so it will be no surprise to find a huge choice of Olives in the market. Try some!

Monday, May 23, 2011

May - an incredible month in Provence

The weather, has almost become the biggest talking point in France, but then there is still food, wine and Sarkozy!
Rainfall is at an all time low, temperatures this week in the 30's.
The cherries are plump, almost purple in colour and at least 3 weeks earlier than normal.

Something clients frequently ask is how far are we located from the village.
Well here is a picture I took from our house of the chateau which is at the top of the village, which is about 800 metres away.

Our boule court is being put to good use. I caught Richard, one of our guests from the USA getting in some practice.

Whilst the new pool at Les Cypres is nestling in perfectly to the surrounding deck and view.

We currently have Karen's Mum visiting with a long standing family friend 'Fred' his first time in Provence and nearly 80 years young - so we took him to one of the village land marks - the Moulin
And then  we go on to the viewing platform at Gordes

The Luberon is also famous for the Lavender which is showing it's first sign of coming into colour

Whilst the roses are in perfect shape producing magnificent blooms!

We have been invited to enter a competition for pictures of our roses - and will submit this one - comments welcome!

And some amazing light on the Luberon in the early evening

May is certainly a wonderful month to be in the Luberon!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Lovely Plump cherries!

Three weeks earlier than normal our cherries are almost ready in the garden at Les Cypres.

These Burlats cherries will be almost purple in colour in just a few days and are just delicious!

When driving around the area the trees are  laden with fruit, very tempting to stop and pick a few!
May, another perfect month in the Luberon!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Walking in the Luberon

We are very lucky to be able to walk out from our house to endless magnificent walks.
Whether you like a casual stroll or a challenging hiking trail you will be spoilt for choice in the Luberon.
Our gites Les Oliviers & Cerisiers and our houses Le Chene & Les Cypres are all walking distance of the village of Saint Saturnin Les Apt.
One regular walk that we make is to the small village of Villars. 

The iris's are in full bloom with an array of colours.

Whilst the warm sunny spring has brought the vines to life early

Look closely at the grapes developing - your next glass of wine!

Even the weeds are looking good!

 And the roses are blooming gorgeous!

 These cherries are also earlier than normal and will be ready before the end of the month.

This is a simple walk, about 10 kilometres, quite easy and lots to see. 
If you prefer a more challenging hike we have an excellent book with 20 walks from the village.
Spring and Autumn are arguably the best time with more comfortable temperatures and fantastic colours.

Sunday, May 01, 2011

It's May Day!

The perfect way to start May - Breakfast on the terrace in the warm spring sunshine.

Unlike much of Europe, tomorrow, Monday will not be a bank holiday in France. When the 'Fete' falls at the weekend the day is lost! I am surprised there is not a strike to protest!

The first weekend in May is also the start to the traditional 'Vide Grenier' season, this means empty your loft sale, like a car boot except it involves a large social gathering, picnic lunch, wine and then a snooze.

This one in Joucas is always very popular.

I finally made a very considered purchase after years of looking!

Isn't she a beauty!

A welcome watering hole!

From Joucas we headed to the Sunday morning market in Coustellet

Stopping on route to check on my now famous mad trees!

Ah so French and cute!

Coustellet is always busy, but has a lovely relaxed friendly atmosphere, perfect for a Sunday

We like to see the regulars, this man sells wild thyme and peat!

Fresh spring onions!

gorgeous strawberries

and fabulous fresh garlic

Lovely parking - in the shade!
well almost!

Just time for an expresso  before returning home

I think that pool beckons!