Sunday, December 15, 2013

Tarte Tatin

If you have eaten in L'Estrade in the village you are sure to have tasted their Tarte Tatin made daily by Anne Laurence.

For my 50th birthday (now last year) the girls bought me a copper 'moule' the dish needed to make a tarte, together with the promise of showing me how to make one. And we finally got round to organising the lesson this week.

12 golden delicious apples to start

in the pan, brought gently to the boil with lots of butter and sugar, then simmer.............

to bring a lovely aroma and colour and the layer of caramel begins to form, this is the most difficult part!
Anne Lo applies the home made pastry

Looking pensive - the pressure is mounting!

Bringing the tarte out the oven, its all in the turn!

pretty good result for the first attempt

Anne Lo just adding the caramel 

ready to serve to our guests for dinner - enjoy!

Sunday, December 08, 2013

Perfect December Walk

Taking advantage of the December sunshine we took walk No 4 in the Saint Saturnin guide, from the village heading South west to the Perreal. Walking past one of our favourite houses.

After climbing to about 473 metres we enjoyed spectacular views towards the Petit Luberon 

And from here views of Mont Ventoux 

The chapel was built in the 16 century and restored in the 19th century.

Coming around  `our side of the valley` looking towards the Mont du Vaucluse, the mountains behind us, 

This charming cabanon enjoys a wonderful view.

The vines are bare of grapes and ready for winter. 

On return we enjoy the winter sun with a glass of Provencal rose - what else!

The view from our pop up bar over the grand Luberon.