Friday, January 28, 2011

everyone needs a break!

We are taking a break from the sunny but cold blue skies of Provence to visit and explore the Caribbean with some friends. After flying to Barbados we took a local plane to the island of Bequia.

Our villa has a lovely pool and over looks the island of Mustique.
The harbour at Bequia,

Dining with our friends, Janet & Simon and D'artagnan & Linda.

Taking sundowners with the neighbour introduced to us by a friend in Germany - it is  a small world!
myself having a green day with the guys.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

It's a wonderful crazy world!

 We spent a great week in England last week celebrating Karen's Mum's 80th birthday. 
Clearly the family have good gene's ! here is Karen with Joan and also her sister Janet.

As well as visiting my sister in Wales and a day in London we even managed a visit to the seaside!

But oh were we so pleased to come home to the rather balmy weather of Provence where we recorded a temperature on the terrace of 28 degrees!

Even the BBQ came out - nothing better than lunch with friends on a Sunday in January.

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Happy New Year!

I first met my Canadian friend Steve (pictured centre) in 1976  when he was staying with his Grandparents in the UK. 
We have been friends ever since. 
I met Ian, left in 1984 and we worked together in for over 20 years in Estate Agency.

And the ladies, Karen left, Debbie centre - Steve's wife and Sheena, right. 

Karen and I downtown Toronto.

Seeing in the New Year!

It is our fourth 'New year' visit and a tradition is to go to the Ice Hockey on New Year's day.

And another tradition - the spectacular Niagara Falls.

Which never fails to impress.

And on route home, the evening photo shot of the City of Toronto.

Another 'has to be done' - the CN Tower.

At 1815 Feet high it was until recently the tallest free standing structure in the world .
The views are magnificent.

And another tradition, one of the few places Karen has found a 'Veggie Dog'.

With all the trimmings she  assures me its great!